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Lawrence Yates


Solo Instrument and Strings

Suite for Clarinet & String Quartet

Suite No.2 for Clarinet & String Quartet

Suite for Bassoon & String Quartet

Romance for Violin and Strings

Romance for Viola and Strings

Elegy for Clarinet and Strings

Adagio & Allegro for Horn and Strings

Concerto for Violin & Strings

String Orchestra

Lowry Suite for Strings

Christmas Suite No.1 for Strings

Christmas Suite No.2 for Strings

Adagio for Strings

Adagio & Allegro



Wind Instruments

Suite for Wind Trio - flute; oboe; clarinet

Russian Suite - flute; oboe; clarinet; bassoon

French Suite - flute; oboe; clarinet; bassoon

Oh, No John - flute; oboe; clarinet; bassoon

Christmas Collection for Wind Quintet

English Folksongs for Wind Quintet

Suite for Wind - fl; ob; cl; bsn; horn; 2 trpts; horn; trombone



Brass Instruments


Russian Suite - 2 trpts; horn; trombone

French Suite - 2 trpts; horn; trombone

Oh,No John - 2 trpts; horn; trombone

Suite for Bassoon 5et 1st. Movt.

Elegy for small orchestra (to the memory of Jude Bloomfield)

Concerto for Violin & Strings 1st movt

Piece for Flute, 2 violins & Cello (Holocaust)

Concerto for Violin & Strings 2nd movt.

Concerto for Violin & Strings 3rd movt.

Pieces for Oboe, 2 Violins & Cello No. 2 (Holocaust)

Duet for Clarinet and Cello (Holocaust Video)

LS Suite - after paintings by LS Lowry

LS Suite - The Mill

LS Suite - Mother and Child

LS Suite - Smoke

LS Suite - AT The Match

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